We help your nonprofit to
be effective in its mission

Who we serve

Our clients are international and domestic charitable nonprofits, mission agencies, ministries, social service organizations and churches.

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What we do

We assume the burden of your back-office duties - handling financial operations from donation processing to bill pay and payroll, to analysis and reporting. We provide virtual administrative, controller and CFO services.
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Outsourced Team

Our Wheaton-based team of nonprofit focused bookkeepers, CPAs, donor support staff and managers works for your organization.

How we serve

You will have your own team who will understand your programs, know your staff and align the financial services with the needs of your organization.

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About us

Our staff are excited to be able to use their nonprofit and corporate operational skills in ways that enable you to focus on accomplishing your mission.

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Tailored to Your Needs

Chose from a menu of services or outsource all of your back-office activities.  Our proven, flexible processes, systems and reports are tailored to match your organization..


We partner with you to provide ministry support through accounting, administrative, and organizational services. We also provide peace of mind: by assuming the burden of your back-office duties, we save you time and money so you can focus on ministry